produced by: Jim Kaufman



released 2020

produced by: Jim Kaufman

MOON FEVER: based out of Los Angeles, now make no mistake, this five-piece has been rattling cages on the Sunset Strip, making a name for themselves, if you will. This outfit has been together close to six months now, and with the newly changed front man, Cody Jasper adds to the dynamic flair which has gelled the band together, in other words, the final piece to this epic rock and roll puzzle, in my opinion, Cody has that voice that does captivate and holds you, I feel he will bring so much to the stage, he definitely knows how to rock and roll with the best of them.

Their first single Casanova is about to drop accompanied with a soon released video, not to mention the song Fever is real catchy, a lyrics video is out there for your viewing, this tune I really do like. This band hasn’t taken their foot off the gas since day one, paying dues and playing everywhere possible on the LA scene, hence making a serious buzz about town.

Recording and touring is in the future, not that they haven’t been recording, over 20 tunes set to go for the upcoming release. If you get the chance, get ready for a powerful, high energy performance that serves as a reminder of the vitality found in giving zero fucks, Moon fever has arrived.