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Shaking off the evil

Shaking Off The Evil review from Substream Magazine

This song was born on a writing trip to Nashville (pre COVID). It was brought to life from whiskey, ideas and a our contributed life history. We felt that this song is what the world needs right now.

This was recorded pre Covid, but we fillmed this video during the COVID epidemic across multiple states while we were in quarantine. Which definitely caused us to come up with some creatative solutions! 

“Featuring a stomp and clap foundation smothered in Southern rock soul, “Shaking Off The Evil” delivers a musical reckoning right when people need it most. It’s a battle cry to the world-weary travelers who have seen more than their fair share of destruction, those who require salvation. Moon Fever is here to bless listeners with a gift of sonic redemption, a chance to be more than they thought possible. The band understands that life isn’t about running away from the things that shape us, but embracing the person, we became because of the struggles we endured.”

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